Using custom parameters in IBM RPA on premises

You can deploy a chatbot on IBM RPA on premises. Learn how to send custom parameters to the chatbot using the application programming interface (API). This procedure refers to the IBM RPA on premises offering.

About this task

You have the syntax below to send customized parameters:



The customized parameters can be more than one. Custom parameters can be every parameter you send by the syntax, except username and userid. You can get the parameter data in your chatbot script using the ${varName.From.Properties} variable.

The user name. You can get the username data in your chatbot script using the ${varName.From.Name} variable.

The user identifier. You can get the user identifier data in your chatbot script using the ${varName.From.Id} variable.

The varName variable has the Chat Data type and can be getting from the output parameter of the Connect to Chatbot command.

Before you begin

Take the following actions:

  1. Create a chatbot instance. See Creating a chatbot instance for instructions.
  2. Create a chat mapping for your IBM RPA chatbot script. See Creating a chat mapping for instructions.


Follow the procedures to set the customized parameters. Replace the labels with the data you want to send.

  1. Paste the following syntax in your browser address bar:

  2. Enter the Bot API address where is <BOTAPIADDRESS>.

  3. Enter the bot handle where is <BOTHANDLE>. Use the same bot handle you use to create your chatbot instance.

  4. Optional: Change the sampleparam parameter to the name you want to call it.

  5. Optional: Enter the value of the customized parameter where is <SAMPLEPARAM>.

  6. Optional: Enter the user name where is <USERNAME>.

  7. Optional: Enter the user identification where is<USERID>.