What's new in IBM Robotic Process Automation as a Service 23.0.9

Release date: 16 September 2023

Version 23.0.9 of IBM Robotic Process Automation brings Setting a recurrence interval for schedules as its main feature. It also fixes issues that were detected by users or reported by developers in previous versions. Find out more by browsing the sections of this document.

For previous release notes on the 23.0.x mainstream, see Previous releases.

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This version introduces the following enhancements:

Setting a recurrence interval for schedules

Now, you can set recurring schedules for bot runs that need to run frequently, so you don't spend time manually creating new schedules each time. Scheduled runs can occur either once, daily, weekly, monthly, or according to a cron expression that you define. For more information, see Setting a recurrence interval for schedules.

Access control

New projects are private by default. Enable shared access if you want other users to use your project. For more information, see Managing projects.

Fixed issues

This version fixes previous known issues that are found by users. Customer issues are reported as authorized program analysis reports (APAR), which is how IBM documents, tracks, and fixes problems.

Server-side fixes

  • [APAR DT224794] Fixed an issue where the Audit logs table would not log the event of publishing a script for the first time.
  • [APAR DT228677] Fixed an issue where machines were showing the wrong status in the IBM RPA Control Center.
  • Fixed an issue where the Scripts version page on IBM RPA Control Center would not display scripts that were published in the same day if the range date was set to the current day.
  • Fixed an issue where the users could change a user's teams, roles, and email when they updated the user through the API.
  • Fixed an error that would fail to update the status of jobs in the IBM RPA Control Center.

Client-side fixes

  • [APAR DT212278] If the IBM RPA Studio closes unexpectedly without saving the script, you can now restore it through a backup file.
  • [APAR DT223297] The Take a Screenshot (printScreen) command no longer throws intermittent errors.
  • [APAR DT224697] Fixed an issue where some keys would not work on the TN3270 terminal.
  • [APAR DT224525] Fixed an issue where the IBM RPA Studio's debug mode would stop working if the Execute Script (executeScript) command failed.
  • [APAR DT225655] Fixed an issue where the Set Cursor (terminalSetCursor) and Find Text (terminalFindText) commands were not correctly mapping the TN3270 terminal.
  • The terminal emulator window no longer opens after you start a terminal automation task when you use the HLLAPI or the IBM® Personal Communications providers.
  • Fixed an issue where the Apply Search Filters (emailApplySearchFiltes) command would not work on IMAP connections with Microsoft™ Outlook if the folder parameter was defined as *.
  • Fixed an issue where the the Jaro Distance and Jaro Winkler Distance algorithms didn't work properly on the Text Lookup (lookupCommand) command.
  • Fixed an issue where the Send Key (sendKeys) command would not work if the timeout parameter was left empty.
  • The error message by using (*) in the Search field of the Apply Search Filters (emailApplySearchFiltes) command has been improved when used with the Connect to Microsoft Outlook (microsoftMailConnect) command.

Documentation updates

  • Clarified requirements for queue providers and the "Queue runtimes percentage" default value for computers and their effect on bots. See Managing bots for more information.
  • Added queue provider specifications on the Planning for scheduling scripts section for on premises environments.
  • Known limitations of the Find Window (findWindow) command are now properly documented.
  • Improved the Filter Table (filtertable) command.