What's new in IBM Robotic Process Automation as a Service 23.0.1

Release date: 20 January 2023 (AP1 and EU1 regions); 21 January 2023 (BR1, BR2, UK1, and US1 regions).

Version 23.0.1 of IBM Robotic Process Automation fixes issues that were detected by users or reported by the developers in previous versions. Discover more by browsing the release notes below.

Table of contents

Fixed issues

Server-side fixes

  • [APAR DT174659] Redis channels that synchronize Teams, Groups, and RBAC are no longer accidentally removed.
  • [APAR DT178264] Queue providers names can no longer exceed the maximum amount of characters.
  • [APAR DT179035] The connection failure message with an IMAP mail server now points to what is causing the failure.
  • Now, if a user only has the List projects permission, the only page that is displayed in the IBM RPA Control Center is the list of projects.
  • The Audit logs page should load faster due to performance optimizations.
  • Counters no longer display wrong values in the Target field in the Audit logs page.
  • Added new validation to check if job status is done, canceled or failed.
  • You can now run a process with the Azure Queue Provider in all the tenants. Previously that could only be done in the main tenant.
  • Credential pools can no longer have the same name as an existing credential.
  • The script version field only appears after you select the script on the IBM RPA Control Center script scheduling page.
  • After you edit a connection in the Connections page in the IBM RPA Control Center, the table with the connection data is now automatically updated.
  • You no longer need to click the search button more than once to search for script versions in the IBM RPA Control Center.
  • The Download Open API button is now activated immediately after you create a bot.
  • Fields required to create an Application are now highlighted.
  • When you create an application in the IBM RPA Control Center, you can now see the application's tag after you select it.
  • The search for applications now displays any matching application when you create a new connection in the IBM RPA Control Center's Connections page.

Client-side fixes

  • [APAR DT174539] You can now use the Click (click) command on some SAP checkbox items or radio buttons without the Simulate Human parameter.
  • [APAR DT174689] IBM RPA now checks for invalid characters in Microsoft™ Excel files that were created in Microsoft™ Office 2010 or previous versions.
  • [APAR DT173443] The Fields Mapper tool from IBM RPA Studio is working for all PDF files that have editable fields.
  • [APAR DT160177] You can now use XPath selectors containing commas with the Map HTML (mapHtml) command.
  • Canceling the creation of a command using the PDF tool does not fail the IBM RPA Studio.
  • The Last modified date information in a user's roles and permissions is now properly updated.
  • The ABBY™ provider has been updated to include enhancements to optical character recognition features.
  • The Start SAP Session (startSAPSession) command does not fail when used in IBM RPA Studio.
  • The Map XML (mapXml) command now displays Runtime Exceptions when running without mappings.
  • You can now use * in the Folder Name parameter to select all folders in the Apply Search Filters (emailApplySearchFilters) command.
  • The IBM RPA Studio Test Explorer tool now displays the pie chart with test results.
  • The Proxy configuration checkbox is no longer enabled by default when installing the client.
  • The Email Update (emailUpdate) command no longer crashes if you use an IMAP connection to Gmail or Outlook.
  • Now single space characters are accepted in the Send Key (sendKeys) command.
  • The Start Browser (webStart) command now supports a Secure String variable type in the Password parameter.
  • If you uninstall the IBM RPA client, the authentication.config file located in the IBM RPA installation folder is removed.
  • IBM RPA installer: The Location field in the installer no longer overlaps with another field in the German translation.
  • All mnemonic keys are displayed on installer buttons regardless of the selected language.
  • Fixed conversion errors in the German translation of the installer.
  • The Call Graph tab of IBM RPA Studio is working normally in chatbot scripts.
  • Chatbot now works on Telegram even when user has not set a username in Telegram settings.
  • A new user is only created if the password meets all the security policy rules.