Deploy the IBM RPA custom resource

Before you begin

Refer Versioning reference for available version options.

Deploying using the OpenShift web console

  1. To create an instance of your IBM RPA custom resource (CR), click the Create Instance link that prompts a form with possible configuration options.

    Operator detail

  2. Complete the mandatory configuration options, either in the form view, or the YAML view.

    The form view has options that you can complete.

    Create instance

    In the YAML view, you can manually enter your configuration or drag a file into the editor. You can also find more information on the schema for the IBM RPA custom resource on the right-hand side.

    Create instance Yaml

  3. Click Accept the license.

Deploying using the CLI

You can deploy an IBM RPA custom resource in the namespace with the OpenShift command-line tool:

oc apply -f rpa_custom_resource.yaml -n ${RPA_PROJECT}

Substitute rpa_custom_resource.yaml with the name of your yaml file.

For more details and explanations on setting up a CR, see Configuring custom resources.