The Process control panel displays current processes status, where you can see the statistics of processes that ran in the current environment.

These are the following information that the control panel holds:

Process status
In this section, you can see the current status of process instances:

  • Pending: process instances that are currently queued up or that were previously suspended.
  • Processing: process instances that are currently running.
  • Done: process instances that were successfully completed.
  • Incomplete: process instances that were not successfully completed, failed or were blocked by another resource.

Resources and estimates

  • Optimal number of runtimes: calculates and suggests an optimal number of runtimes that can be used to run the processes.
  • Online resources: counts the amount of resources that were used by the server's repository.
  • Offline resources: counts the amount of resources that were used locally by the runtime.
  • Estimated time to complete: calculates an estimated completion time based on completed processes and how their completion rate.
  • Estimated completion date: if the estimated completion time exceeds 24 hours, or if a process is recurring, this card will display an estimated completion date, based on the current scheduled processes, and its completion rate.