Text manipulation

Text commands parse texts in different ways. See a comprehensive list of all these commands.

  • Change Text Case command
    Changes letter case to Upper, Lower, Title or Sentence case.

  • Concatenate Texts command
    Concatenates two or more texts.

  • Create Random Text command
    Creates a random text with a length defined by the Minimum length and Maximum length parameters.

  • Get Subtext command
    Gets a snippet of text based on Start index and Length.

  • Get Text from Regular Expression command
    Gets from a text the snippets corresponding to the regular expression.

  • Join Text command
    Joins all elements of a Text type list in a single text. You can add spacing or characters to separate each element of the list.

  • Pad Text command
    Pads a text by entering characters at the beginning or end of it. You can enter the character for padding and the maximum number of characters the text must have.

  • Replace Text command
    Replaces all occurrences of terms, snippets, or regular expressions found in the text with a new content.

  • Split Text command
    Splits a text based on a delimiter and limits the number of subtexts.