Log rotation policy

IBM RPA has policies from log rotation that applies to all offerings in use. The log rotation varies according to the source that the logs are stored: database or file system.

Log rotation for database

The rotation of logs that are stored on a database is based on time. All IBM RPA offerings delete data older than 90 days from the database.

Tip:CADF files still maintain deleted data. You can find these files stored in the file system.

Log rotation for the file system

The rotation of logs that are stored on a file system is based either on their time or size.

  • For rotation based on time, it happens every 24 hours (at 23:59:59).
  • For rotation based on size, it happens when a file reaches 2MB.

Notice even if the file has been rotated due to its size, it must be rotated again when reaches the time limit.

The default audit log storage size is 5GB, and the name convention for generated files follows the pattern YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY-MM-DD-01, in the latest case adds a suffix with a counter when rotated due to its size.

IBM RPA doesn't limit the number of files generated in a day. In this way, files older than 90 days are compressed to a compressed file.