Installing a private key in the Certificate Store

This section describes how to install private keys in the Certificate Store.

Before you begin

You need a PKCS#12 file. To create it, see Generating a PKCS#12 file.

Importing a new certificate

To install a new certificate, follow these steps:

  1. Open the PKCS#12 certificate file.
  2. On the Certificate Import Wizard, select the Local Machine option. Click Next to proceed.
  3. Check if the PKCS#12 file was properly selected. If not, select the appropriate file. Click Next to proceed.
  4. Enter the password for the private key.
  5. Select the Place all certificates in the following store option. Click Browse.
  6. Select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities folder. Click Next to proceed.
  7. Verify the certificate key information and click Finish to finish importing the certificate.

Checking certificate details

You need the certificate details to configure the certificate in the IBM RPA Control Center.

  1. Open Windows Start menu.
  2. Open the Run application. Alternatively, you can press Windows + R.
  3. Type certlm.msc and click OK.
  4. Go to Trusted Root Certification Authority > Certificates.
  5. Double-click the previously imported certificate.
  6. On the properties window, go to the Details tab.
  7. Copy details such as Serial number or Subject Key Identifier to use in the IBM RPA Control Center's certificate configuration.