Unblock Entry

Verb: unBlockInput

Available from: <Standard>

Unblocks the keyboard and mouse entries on the machine on which the Block Input command was executed.


unBlockInput (Boolean)=value


Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
value Success Boolean Returns "True", if the keyboard and mouse inputs were successfully unblocked, or "False", if an error prevented the unlock.


The Block Input command is used to block the keyboard and mouse, so that the user does not type until Notepad is open. After being opened, the unblock is done with the Unblock Entry command.

defVar --name notepadWindow --type Window
defVar --name unblockedKeyboard --type Boolean
launchWindow --executablepath "notepad.exe" notepadWindow=value
// Blocks keyboard and mouse input for 5 seconds.
typeText --text "Blocked entry, it will not be possible to write or click anything for 5 seconds ..."
delay --timeout 00:00:05
// Unblocks the keyboard and mouse for 5 seconds.
unBlockInput unblockedKeyboard=value
typeText --text "\r\nUnblocked Entry"
logMessage --message "${unblockedKeyboard}" --type "Info"
// After executing the script, you get the result: True.

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