Dashboards on the control center

The dashboard enables you to obtain and x-report data from robots executed through IBM RPA Studio. Robots and their schedules perform activities that are essential to the workflow of multiple customers, with the Dashboard, it becomes possible to monitor the executions of these activities by bringing the status of the activity, for example if it was executed successfully, failed, not started, and running.



Monitoring is possible due to the data that is provided to the Dashboard, it originates from four data sources, namely: Data Source Jobs, Data Source Counters, Workflows, and Processes, which will be related to the Standard DataSource.

You can have a variety of information presented, in addition to a Dashboard for each type of data from a specific sector, navigation between Dashboards is simple and intuitive, the same Dashboard can have several tabs to quickly display various types of charts and indicators.


Each dashboard item can be easily edited through Designer mode, found in the upper right corner.



In addition to editing, the insertion of new items can be done just by clicking on the type of item you want to insert, such as chart types, filters, and the layout selection of those items.


Script execution data

You can view data about the script execution with dashboard on the IBM RPA Control Center. This data is stored in the Jobs data source, which can be integrated with a dashboard to display the following data:

  • Duration

    Stores the duration of the script execution in seconds.

  • End Time

    Stores the date and time of the script execution end.

  • Job Id

    Stores the unique task ID that identifies the script execution.

  • Product Version

    Stores the IBM RPA Studio version that the script was published.

  • Start Time

    Stores the start date and time of the script.

  • Status

    Stores the script execution status message.


  • Median is not supported in server mode for MSSQL.

  • To edit or delete a dashboard, your user must be the creator of the dashboard and have permission to manage dashboards.
    See the Checking user permissions topic to learn how to check your user permissions.