Applications create a bridge between third-party applications and IBM RPA. These third-party applications can be storage providers like Dropbox™, Google Drive™, and Microsoft™ OneDrive, and email providers like Microsoft™ Exchange and Google Gmail™.

When you add an application, you define the data to access it and its protected resources. As a result, you can authorize the access to it through OAuth authentication and use it later in your scripts.

For example, you add a Microsoft™ OneDrive application, and grant access to it through connections. It stores protected resources like folders, photos, or files, which you can access without sharing username and password in your script. Instead, it authorizes the connections, which issue the application's credentials.

Important:The following topics apply to IBM RPA on premises only.

IBM RPA SaaS provides applications by default. To use an application on this offering, create a connection to it first. For more information, see Adding connections to an application.

Refer to the following topics to learn how to add an application:

Storage providers

Email providers