Close Progress Window

Verb: closeProgress

Available from: <Standard>

Closes a progress window initiated by the Show Progress Window command.




This command closes the progress window of a loop when it ends.

defVar --name startValue --type Numeric --value 0
defVar --name endValue --type Numeric --value 50
// Loop increments a variable from 0 to 50, by 1 on each loop.
while --left "${startValue}" --operator "Less_Than_Equal_To" --right "${endValue}"
	incrementVar --number ${startValue}
	showProgress --text "Wait for the while loop to end..." --value ${startValue} --maximum ${endValue}
	delay --timeout 00:00:00.0500000
// Closes the open progress window.


The Close Progress Window command is always used with the Show Progress Window command; if used separately, it becomes inoperative.

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