Invalid certificate

You see the Invalid certificate messsage when you go to the License page (https://localhost:8099/web/en-US/license).

Your certificate lasts 2 years. After that, your certificate will expire. See the causes section to identify other causes in case this error appears before your certificate expires.

Important:Starting from version 23.0.3, the License page (https://localhost:8099/web/en-US/license) isn't available anymore because of the removal of License ID and License password and implementation of installation keys. For details on proxy, region, or status, go to the IBM RPA Client page (https://localhost:8099/web/en-US/ibmrpaclient) instead.


You see the message Invalid certificate when you access the License page.


The following list describes the possible causes:

  • If you have recently changed your tenants.
  • If you have changed from one region to another.
  • If you did not specify the Tenant ID during the installation.
  • If the current certificate is invalid, corrupted or expired.

Resolving this issue

To resolve this issue, you must update your certificate. See the following procedure:


  1. Open the Windows command prompt.

  2. Type hostname and copy the hostname.

    • The hostname is only required by legacy certificates
  3. Log in to the IBM RPA Control Center.

  4. Navigate to Computers and search for the hostname of the computer.

  5. If you cannot find the computer, create a new computer and use the hostname as the new computer's name.

    Important:If the server uses MSMQ as the system queue provider, the computer's hostname is limited to 15 characters. Longer names can cause issues with the scheduler.
  6. After finding your computer in the computer list, click the vertical ellipsis button ⋮ > Download certificate.

  7. Run the downloaded certificate file.

An alert message informs you of the success of the operation.

Important:Starting from version 23.0.10, you can no longer download legacy certificates. If you are experiencing problems with the certificate, update IBM RPA to a newer version.