Guidelines for publishing scripts

IBM Robotic Process Automation has an embedded versioning system. All scripts you publish into your IBM RPA Control Center environment are under version control.

With version control, you can:

  • Rescue previous script versions.
  • Audit the script's publishing history like author, date, the version of IBM RPA used to publish the script, and the description message.
  • Define runtime settings, such as enabling the script for scheduling, setting the production version, and configuring green, yellow, and red times.

Review your description before publishing

You can't edit descriptions after publishing, so review them before confirming the script's publication procedure.

Add the script's purpose when first publishing the script

Describe the script's purpose when publishing it for the first time. The first publishing description acts as the script's description in the IBM RPA Control Center.

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Publish scripts with each fix or update

Publish your script whenever you complete a fix or an update. For example, if you need to fix two issues, you should publish at least twice, one for each fix. With this approach, you make changes independent and easier to restore or dismiss.

Use informative description messages when publishing

Your description messages should add useful information about what you fixed or updated. Explain what and how you changed the script.

Use imperative mood. Avoid superficial descriptions like Fixed or Ready for production.