Set Timeout

Verb: setTimeout

Available from: <Standard>

Sets a default timeout for all commands in the script that have a timeout parameter.


setTimeout --timeout(TimeSpan)


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--timeout Timeout Required Time Span Default timeout to be used in the script.


The Start Browser command starts the browser, the Navigate command accesses the website "", the Wait for Element in a Web Page command waits for the logo element with the default time ( 00:00:05) if the element is not found, the Set Timeout command is used to change the default timeout to 30 seconds.

defVar --name IBMLogo --type Boolean
defVar --name IBMLogoUpdatedTimeout --type Boolean
webStart --name browser --type "Chrome"
webNavigate --url ""
webWaitElement --selector "Id" --id logo IBMLogo=value
if --left "${IBMLogo}" --operator "Is_True" --negate
	setTimeout --timeout 00:00:30
	webWaitElement --selector "Id" --id logo IBMLogoUpdatedTimeout=value
	assert --message "Could not load page" --left "${IBMLogoUpdatedTimeout}" --operator "Is_True"
logMessage --message "Found on first timeout: ${IBMLogo}\r\nFound on updated timeout: ${IBMLogoUpdatedTimeout}" --type "Info"
webClose --name browser --leavebrowseropen


If there is a time set directly to the timeout parameter of a command, Set Timeout does not alter it.