Search Postal Code

Verb: zipCodeLookup

Available from: <Standard>

Searches for a postal address from the specified Postal Code.


zipCodeLookup --culture(Culture) --zipcode(String) (Address)=value (Boolean)=success


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--culture Language Required Culture Language to use. Options:
  • en-US;
  • pt-BR;
  • pt-PT.
  • --zipcode Zip code Required Text Postal Code Number used to locate the address.


    Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
    value Address Address Returns the address found from the specified postal code.
    success Success Boolean Returns "True" if the location search is successful; if not, returns "False".


    When entering the postal code "15055480", the command Search Postal Code finds the registered address for it and returns, in addition to the address, if the search for the location was successful.

    defVar --name addressFound --type Address
    defVar --name success --type Boolean
    zipCodeLookup --culture en-US --zipcode 15055480 addressFound=value success=success
    logMessage --message "Address: ${addressFound}\r\nExecution success: ${success}" --type "Info"
    //Command execution returns the following output in the console:
    //Address: Avenida Gabriel Jorge Cury, Jardim Municipal, São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, 15055480, Brasil
    //Execution Success: True


    • This command supports only Brazilian postal codes (CEP).
    • This command only works on IBM RPA SaaS edition.

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