Enable Output

Verb: setProfiling

Available from: <Standard>

Enables or disables the display of automatic runtime logs per command, displaying the sum of the total script runtime.


setProfiling [--on(Boolean)]


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--on Enable Optional Boolean Enables automatic logs for command execution time and displays the sum of that time at the end of script execution. If during the execution of a script the command is disabled, the sum of the total execution time is not displayed.


The Find Occurrences in Text command is executed to find a text. The Enable Output command returns the runtime of this script.

defVar --name initialIndex --type Numeric
setProfiling --on
parseText --text "Good morning!" --query Studio --startindex 1 initialIndex=value
//Script ended in  00:00:00.0012140 (1 millisecond).
The time interval returned depends on the user's hardware.


Command particularly used in test and validation scenarios.