Convert Base64 to Text

Verb: base64ToText

Converts Base64 format content to text.

Base64 encoding is a process for converting binary data to an ASCII string format. The binary data is converted into a 6-bit character representation.


base64ToText --source(String) --encoding(Nullable<EncodingType>) (Boolean)=success (String)=value


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--source Base64 Required Text Base64 content that should be converted to text.
--encoding Encoding Required EncodingType Type of encoding used to convert Base64 content to text. Options:
  • Big Endian Unicode
  • Operating System Default
  • Unicode
  • UTF32
  • UTF7
  • UTF8
  • Outputs

    Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
    success Success Boolean Returns "True" if the conversion was successful, or "False" if it was not.
    value Text Text Base 64 content inserted in the Base64 parameter, now converted to Text.


    Converts base64 content to text. This content was inserted in the Base64 parameter, with the same encoding type as Convert Text to Base64, which was used to create the content in this format.

    defVar --name conversionSuccess --type Boolean
    defVar --name base64Content --type String
    defVar --name convertedContent --type String --value "This is a text that is encoded to base64 and then converted to text again."
    textToBase64 --source "${convertedContent}" --encoding "UTF8" base64Content=value
    logMessage --message "Base64 content: ${base64Content}\r\n" --type "Info"
    base64ToText --source "${base64Content}" --encoding "UTF8" convertedContent=value conversionSuccess=success
    logMessage --message "Converted Content: ${convertedContent}\r\nSuccess: ${conversionSuccess}\r\n\r\n" --type "Info"
    // Result: True
    // This is a text that is encoded to base64 and then converted to text again.


    For best conversion results, it is recommended to use the same encoding on the Encoding parameter as the one used to create the base64 content with the Convert Text to Base64 command.