Export Asset

Verb: export

Available from: <Standard>

Exports an asset, transforming it into a file, and returns the path where this exported file was saved.


export --asset(String) (Boolean)=success (String)=value


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--asset Asset Required Text Asset to be exported.
The asset can be imported into the script by the command Import Asset.


Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
success Success Boolean Returns "True" if the export was successful or "False" if the export was not successful.
value File Path Text Path where the exported file was saved.


The command exports an asset and returns a boolean indicating success, and also returns the full path where the exported file was saved.

defVar --name exportSuccess --type Boolean
defVar --name assetPath --type String
import --name assetFile --type "File" --content cnRmaGppcC1dW3lodGd0 --extension ".txt"
// Exports the reported asset.
export --asset "${asset.assetFile}" assetPath=value exportSuccess=success
logMessage --message "Result: ${exportSuccess}\r\nPath:${assetPath}" --type "Info"
// Returns a boolean with export success and the path where the asset was saved.


An asset is needed for export to work in the Asset parameter.