Setting an NLP provider

Natural language processing (NLP) providers offer a set of natural language processing (NLP) models. IBM RPA embeds two options of NLP providers: Watson® NLP and Legacy NLP. You can choose a default NLP provider per tenant in the IBM RPA Control Center, or set which NLP provider your bots must use on demand without affecting the tenant's default.

About this task

NLP providers affect the results returned by NLP commands. The results that these commands return and the languages that they support change according to the NLP provider you choose. You have the following options:

  • Legacy NLP provider
    The IBM RPA legacy provider. It supports the following languages:
Language code Language name
en-US English
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil)
pt-PT Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Watson NLP provider
    The IBM® Watson® NLP provider. It supports the following languages:
Language code Language name
ar Arabic
zh-CN Chinese (Simplified)
zh-TW Chinese (Traditional)
cs Czech
da Danish
nl Dutch
de German
en-US English
fi Finnish
fr French
he Hebrew
it Italian
ja Japanese
ko Korean
nb Norwegian Bokmal
nn Norwegian Nynorsk
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil)
pt-PT Portuguese (Portugal)
pl Polish
ro Romanian
ru Russian
sk Slovak
es Spanish
sv Swedish
tr Turkish


Check the following procedures to set a specific NLP provider to work with NLP commands:

Setting a tenant-level default NLP provider

New tenants use the Watson® NLP provider by default. Existing tenants use the IBM RPA Legacy NLP provider. Use the following procedure to change the default NLP provider for all scripts in a tenant.

  1. Log in to IBM RPA Control Center.
  2. On the Tenants menu, click the Tenant configuration tab.
  3. Click the General settings option.
  4. On the Default NLP provider list, select the provider that you want to set as default.
  5. Click Save configurations.

Setting an NLP provider during a bot's runtime

Natural language commands use the NLP provider that you define on the tenant by default. If you want to force them to use another NLP provider without changing your tenant's configuration, use the Set NLP Provider command on the script scope. This command sets an NLP provider to the script scope, forcing it to use a specific provider at runtime, regardless the tenant's default NLP provider.


Your bot uses the NLP provider you set when it runs a natural language processing command.