Set up an SMTP mail server

Before you install IBM RPA, you must prepare your environment and set up an email server.

The following sections provide details about how to set up your SMTP mail server.

Before you begin

SendGrid provider

To set up SendGrid as an email provider, you must get the following resources from it:

  1. SendGrid account 🡥
  2. SendGrid authentication key 🡥
  3. Sendgrid email templates

Custom SMTP provider

To set up a custom SMTP provider, you must create the user account email and provide the connection data to it at the installation of IBM RPA on premises server. IBM RPA has default templates for those routines when you use a custom SMTP provider.

Custom SMTP provider as third-party server needs to use TLS port and have SMTP enabled.

For third-party SMTP servers, you might need to allow less secure app access to be able to send emails or enable a password for third-party applications. Otherwise, the IBM RPA server is unable to send email messages. For more information, see Less secure apps & your Google account 🡥) for Gmail, and Managing user consent to apps in Microsoft 365 🡥 for Microsoft 365.

If direct communication with the email server is not available, use the connection that is secured by TLS just for relay messages that are used by the IBM RPA Studio. For more information, see Configuring a TLS secured SMTP relay.


The communication between the IBM RPA server and the SMTP server must use TLS 1.2 or higher.