Open ports

You must open the ports according to the services that IBM RPA uses.

Before you begin

Ensure that you meet all the hardware, system, and network requirements described in Prerequisites to install the server.

Open ports

The following table shows the services and their ports and protocols that are required for IBM RPA server.

Service Protocol Default port Range Traffic
Redis TCP 6379 Inbound
IBM RPA Control Center TCP User defined Inbound
API TCP User defined Inbound
ABBYY TCP User defined Inbound
Bot API TCP User defined Inbound and outbound
Antivirus TCP User defined 1025-30000
Microsoft SQL Server TCP 1433 Inbound
MSMQ TCP 135, 1801, 2103, 2105 Outbound
MSMQ TCP 1801 Inbound
HTTPS TCP 443 Inbound and outbound
LDAP TCP 389 Inbound and outbound
Active Directory TCP 88, 389, 636, 3268, 3269 Inbound and outbound
Watson NLP provider TCP User defined 1025-30000
IBM MQ TCP User defined Inbound

Ports in the range 30001-49999 are used by IBM RPA internal services. The following table describes ports for these specific services:

Service Ports
Bot Agents 30001-39999
Broker agents 40000-49999
Important:Each agent only uses one port. If you have multiple Bot Agents running at the same time, ensure that these ports are not opened to any external service and they're not used by any other applications.

What to do next

Set up the databases.