Start Stopwatch

Verb: startTimer

Available from: <Standard>

Starts or restarts counting the elapsed time of a script execution interval and stores this time in a variable.


startTimer (Stopwatch)=value


Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
value Stopwatch Stopwatch Starts the timer that must be interrupted by the Stop Stopwatch command.


Starts a count to check the execution time of a For loop in the script. Within this loop, a sum is made, incrementing the value with each iteration.

defVar --name stopwatch --type Stopwatch
defVar --name runtime --type TimeSpan
defVar --name loopBegin --type Numeric --value 1
defVar --name loopEnd --type Numeric --value 999
defVar --name incrementedValue --type Numeric --value 1
startTimer stopwatch=value
for --variable ${loopBegin} --from ${loopBegin} --to ${loopEnd} --step 1
	incrementVar --number ${incrementedValue}
stopTimer --stopwatch ${stopwatch} runtime=time
logMessage --message "Loop Runtime: ${runtime};\r\nLoop current value: ${incrementedValue}." --type "Info"
// Returns the following output:
// Loop execution time: 00: 00: 03.6819588;
// Current loop value: 1000.
The runtime varies depending on the hardware of the machine where the script runs.


Start Stopwatch only starts or restarts the time count, and you must use Stop Stopwatch to receive what has been counted and to set the total time interval, which can be in days, hours, minutes, seconds and / or milliseconds.

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