Create Rijndael Cipher

Verb: cipherRijndael

Available from: <Standard>

Creates a Rijndael-type encryption according to a specified key, initialization vector, and encryption mode.


cipherRijndael --key(String) --iv(String) --mode(Nullable<CipherMode>) (Boolean)=success (Cipher)=value


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--key Key Required Text Key used in the creation of Rijndael encryption.
The informed key must be in the Rijndael encryption key standard, with keys having the size of:
  • 16 bytes corresponding to a 128-bit key;
  • 24 bytes corresponding to a 192-bit key;
  • 32 bytes corresponding to a 256-bit key.
  • --iv Initialization Vector Required Text Set of random characters used alongside with Key to create the cipher.
    The initialization vector must contain exactly 16 characters, that is, 16 bytes.
    --mode Mode Required CipherMode Encryption mode used in its creation:
  • CBC
  • CFB
  • ECB
  • Outputs

    Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
    success Success Boolean Returns "True", if the encryption is created successfully, or "False", otherwise.
    value Rijndael Cipher Cipher Returns a variable containing the created Rijndael encryption.


    The Create Rijndael Cipher command is used to create encryption of the Rijndael type. At the end, it is informed whether the encryption was created successfully.

    defVar --name cipher --type Cipher
    defVar --name success --type Boolean
    //Creates Rijndael encryption with the key="qasnksjkxl,smjdisuidjhpç" and iv="hjskl,mcnvhjshdg",in "CBC" encryption mode.
    cipherRijndael --key "qasnksjkxl,smjdisuidjhpç" --iv "hjskl,mcnvhjshdg" --mode "CBC" success=success cipher=value
    logMessage --message "${success}" --type "Info"
    // Execution returns the following output:
    // True 

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