Set Execution Throttling

Verb: setThrottling

Available from: <Enterprise>

Specifies a default time interval for executing commands that interact with controls.

Controls are, in the context of Windows, elements that allow the user to interact with an application. Controls can be buttons, data entry fields, menus and various other elements.


setThrottling --timeout(TimeSpan)


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--timeout Timeout Required Time Span Time interval (hours, minutes, seconds, etc.) so that Windows application controls can be identified.
If the specified time interval is less than the time taken to identify the controls, the execution of the script will occur normally, however, in a different time than that specified in this parameter.


The Set Execution Throttling command defines a time interval of 3 seconds for the identification of the controls used by the Click command. The Enable Output command is used so that, at the end of the script execution, it is possible to see how long each command took to be executed.

defVar --name window --type Window
// The "setProfiling" command allows you to see how long it took for each script command to execute.
setProfiling --on
// Set a time interval of 3 seconds to identify the controls of the commands subsequent to it, in this context, it will be the command "Click".
setThrottling --timeout 00:00:03
launchWindow --executablepath "mspaint.exe" window=value
// Click on the "Pencil" in the "Tools" tab.
click --selector "Name" --controlsimilarity 100 --name Pencil
// Click on the "Magnifier" in the "Tools" tab.
click --selector "Name" --controlsimilarity 100 --name Magnifier
For the execution of the Click command to take place successfully, it is necessary that the application window is large enough so that the "Pencil" and "Magnifier" buttons are visible. Otherwise, it will not be possible to map these controls.

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