Get Clipboard Content

Verb: getClipboardContent

Gets the content stored on the operating system's clipboard.


getClipboardContent (String)=textcontent (Image)=imagecontent


Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
textcontent Text Text Content obtained from the clipboard.
imagecontent Image Image Screenshot taken from clipboard.


Theommand Send to Clipboard command sends the content "clipboard example" to the clipboard. After that, the Get Clipboard Content command gets the contents of the variable, which is registered at the end of execution.

defVar --name success --type Boolean
defVar --name text --type String --value "clipboard example\r\n"
setClipboard --text "${text}" --mode "Text" success=value
getClipboardContent text=textcontent
logMessage --message "Clipboard Content: ${text}" --type "Info"
// Result: Clipboard Content: clipboard example.

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