Bot Request File

Prompts the user for a specific file during an interaction.

Command availability: IBM RPA SaaS and IBM RPA on premises

Script syntax

IBM RPA's proprietary script language has a syntax similar to other programming languages. The script syntax defines the command's syntax in the script file. You can work with this syntax in IBM RPA Studio's Script mode.

chatAskFile [--fileextensions(String)] [--retry(Boolean)] [--attempts(Numeric)] [--retrytext(String)] [--timeoutsub(String)] [--language(Language)] --text(String) [--textformat(String)] [--timeout(TimeSpan)] (String)=value (String)=utterance (Boolean)=timedout (Boolean)=success (String)=botHistoryMessageId

Input parameters

The following table displays the list of input parameters available in this command. In the table, you can see the parameter name when working in IBM RPA Studio's Script mode and its Designer mode equivalent label.

Designer mode label Script mode name Required Accepted variable types Description
File extension fileextensions Optional Text File extension that is requested from the user. Use the .extension format to specify the extension.
Example: .pdf
Retry retry Optional Boolean Enable to allow the bot to ask a new question if there is no answer on the first attempt.
Attempts attempts Optional Number Number of times the question from Alternative texts is repeated.
Alternative texts retrytext Optional Text Alternative question that is asked to the user if there is no answer on the first attempt.
Time out subroutine timeoutsub Optional Text Subroutine that runs if user response time runs out.
Language language Optional Language Language used for bot communication. Use the Create a Language (createLanguage) command to get the language variable.
Text text Required Text Question that is asked to get the file.
Timeout timeout Optional Time Span, Number, Text Timeout for user response.

Output parameters

Designer mode label Script mode name Accepted variable types Description
Value value Text Full path and file name entered by the user.
Utterance utterance Text Returns the text provided by the user.
Timed out timedout Boolean Returns True if user response time runs out, otherwise returns False.
Success success Boolean Returns True if the file is received successfully, otherwise returns False.
History Message botHistoryMessageId Text Value to link the history of other commands to the history of this command.

This field returns the identity value of the saved history if one has been set Storage Adapter at Connect to Chatbot. To use it, simply add this output to the command-specific input parameter's history that you want to link this command's history to.


The robot prompts the user for a file in PDF format, returning the full path and file name received.

defVar --name languageUs --type Language
defVar --name pdfFileInformed --type String
defVar --name phraseInsert --type String
createLanguage --culture "enUS" languageUs=value
botConnect --type "Chat" --language ${languageUs} --timedout TimeOut --autoanswer--timeout 00:05:00
chatAskFile --fileextensions ".pdf" --language ${languageUs} --text "Please send us the slip in PDF format for review." --timeout 00:05:00 pdfFileInformed=value phraseInsert=utterance