IBM RPA releases active lock before the timeout

You get errors when running scripts that access critical regions because the IBM RPA releases active locks before the timeout that you set. Documented as APAR JR64302. This issue is resolved on IBM RPA version 21.0.3.

Affected offerings

This issue affects All IBM RPA offerings.


  • Your scripts fail when they run commands on critical regions.
  • The lock doesn't avoid the entrance of more than one script in the critical region.
  • The lock is displayed for some time in IBM RPA Control Center as an active lock and then suddenly disappears, even if it still has a script in the critical region.

For more information about what are critical regions, see Critical region.

Resolving the problem

To solve this issue, upgrade IBM RPA to version 21.0.3. For more information about how to upgrade IBM RPA, see Upgrading IBM Robotic Process Automation.