IBM RPA Control Center interfaces

This document details specific IBM RPA Control Center configuration interfaces.

Before you begin

See the following sections for details on how to log in to IBM RPA Control Center and to learn what is a environment.

IBM RPA Control Center sections

The following list explains the sections on the IBM RPA Control Center menu:

  • Dashboard
    Starts the Dashboard management tool.

  • Scripts
    Manage scripts published to the IBM RPA server.

  • Projects
    Create and manage projects.

  • Workflows
    Create and manage orchestrator and workflow processes.

  • Computers
    Manage the computers registered to the current environment.

  • Credentials
    Manage credentials, credential pools and vault credentials.

  • Launchers
    Create and manage bot launchers.

  • Chatbots
    Manage chatbots.

  • Queues
    Create and manage queues and queue providers.

  • Machine Learning
    Visualize and manage current machine learning-related files and templates.

  • Applications
    Create and manage applications.

  • Connections
    Create and manage connections.

  • Tenants
    Administer your current tenant.

  • Access
    Manage users and user groups.

  • Platform settings
    Configure details of your on-premises environment.