The Is Functional column has a red marker

On the Launchers page, the Is Functional column has a red marker indicating a problem with the Team assigned to the launcher. This affects IBM Robotic Process Automation 21.0.3 or higher.


On the Launchers page in IBM RPA Control Center, the Is Functional column has a red marker that indicates that there is a problem with the launcher configuration.


Starting from version 21.0.3, due to a migration from users group on computer groups to the new teams grouping, teams automatically created that are assigned to launchers don't have the proper permissions to use the launcher.

Resolving the problem

  1. On IBM RPA Control Center, navigate to Teams.
  2. For all the teams that have the following name pattern, <groupname>_<id>_group, do the following steps:
    1. Click team name to edit the team.
    2. On the Roles tab, click Manage roles.
    3. Select the Business User role.
    4. Select Any changes made here will effect any users in this team and the access they have.
    5. Click Save.

You can go back to the Launchers page. The marker must change from red to green after a few seconds. Refresh the page to reload the components.