Setting values

Set values to controls like text box, combination box, and grids. Search for commands to click to controls in the toolbox in IBM RPA Studio under the Windows > Controls category. Some commands in this category are also available in the recorder's bar after you mapped the control.

  • Offset Value
    Offsets the value of a trackBar in units, decreasing or increasing it. The TrackBar is a slider with which the user selects a control value by dragging it. To use the Offset Value command, you must use the IBM RPA Studio recorder to find the track bar and map it.

  • Set Execution Throttling
    Specifies a default time interval to run commands that interact with controls.

    If the specified time interval is less than the time taken to identify the controls, the script runs normally and extrapolates the specified time interval.

  • Set Grid Value
    Sets a value to a cell in a control grid, according to the defined mappings. You can use the Map Image Grid command to map the grid in a variable, and use this variable in the Set Grid Value command. You can find both commands in the recorder bar.

  • Set Value
    Sets a value to a mapped control. You can map the control by using the IBM RPA Studio's recorder and add this command from the recorder’s bar.