IBM RPA Launcher

IBM RPA Launcher is a tool used to launch scripts manually. In this application, the scripts are bound to buttons that the user can click to start the scripts on demand.

The application connects to the IBM RPA server and requires your login information. Your user email and password is the same that you use to connect to any IBM RPA tool, such as the IBM RPA Studio and the IBM RPA Control Center.

Once logged in, the IBM RPA Launcher presents the available scripts that you can run. If the application does not display any buttons, you must then configure a script to launch in the IBM RPA Control Center. Once the scripts are configured for the launcher, you should see them in the application.

This application is mostly recommended for attended automation tasks, which require human intervention in the process, and would then be inadequate for scheduling, for example. If your script runs the entire process without human assistance, you can still use the IBM RPA Launcher for running scripts manually.

The following sections provide more details about attended automation, the IBM RPA Launcher application, how to configure it, and how to use it:

  • Overview of attended automation
    In this introductory topic, you will learn more about attended automation and how it relates to the IBM RPA Launcher.

  • Creating a launcher
    This topic contains a procedure that teaches you how to create a button in the IBM RPA Launcher application.

  • Launching a script
    This topic contains a procedure that teaches you how to run your scripts on demand with the IBM RPA Launcher.

  • Launching tutorial
    In this hands-on topic, you will learn how to develop a script designed for launching, and how to properly configure it for launching.