Mapping an application with OCR using the recorder

You can use IBM RPA Studio's recorder with OCR to map windows elements. For this particular tutorial, we will be mapping the calculator application.


Creating a new script

  1. Log in to IBM RPA Studio.
  2. On the Home tab, in the File section, click New.
    • Optional: In the Home menu, click New> wal file.
    • Optional: Use the shortcut Alt + Shift + W.

A new tab will open with a blank script.

Start the recorder

Refer to Start the recorder to see how to record web and desktop applications.

Mapping the calculator

  1. On the calculator app, press and hold the Ctrl key with the cursor over the number 2.
  2. On the recorder bar, select Actions > Click by OCR.
  3. On the OCR preview screen, click and drag the cursor over the number 2.
  4. Click the middle region on the number 2.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. In the Click by OCR command window, type 2 in the Text parameter.
  7. Repeat steps for the "+" symbol, the number 5, and the "=" symbol.