Digital assistant

Digital assistants in IBM Robotic Process Automation are bots that interact with users using text messages. Digital assistants can use natural language processing (NLP) to interpret messages and provide the appropriate reply to the user.


Supported offering to develop and deploy a chatbot:

  • IBM Robotic Process Automation as a Service
  • IBM Robotic Process Automation on premises

Refer to the equivalent topic to review the required hardware and system to develop or deploy a digital assistant:

Free context grammar

A digital assistant can be linear or non-linear.

The linear digital assistant is built based on closed questions. It directs user interaction to get the data you need. User messages that are not expected by the digital assistant are ignored until the expected message is obtained.

The non-linear digital assistant is built based on open-ended questions and is considered a free context assistant. The tool contextualizes the subject treated between the robot and the user to return the best responses to the message sent by the user. Integration with a knowledge base is needed. For more details, see Knowledge Base.


The chatbot is a feature fully integrated with IBM Robotic Process Automation. You can build, run, and publish chatbots entirely within the platform instead of chatbots are built, executed, and published by the platform.

Chatbot scripts are no different than regular IBM RPA scripts, but they use communication commands.

Chatbots can use a knowledge base for message analysis, in which the model will compute the best answer to the user's questions. In IBM Robotic Process Automation there is also the category of chat commands, which are specific to Chatbots.

Get started

See the documentation available for developing and deploying a digital assistant in IBM Robotic Process Automation: