Clicking on controls based on text position

You can use the Click by OCR (ocrClick) to click on controls based on the position where text appears on the user interface (UI). The following procedure show how you can click on UI controls from a specific application using OCR.

Clicking on UI controls

  1. Log in to IBM RPA Studio.
  2. Create a new script, or open an existing script.
  3. Open, and attach the application which you want to obtain the text from.
  4. Add the Click by OCR (ocrClick) command on your script.
  5. In the OCR provider parameter, select the desired OCR provider.
  6. In the Comparison parameter, select the comparison mode that should be used between the text of the desired region and the text obtained from the specified interface control.
  7. In the Language parameter, select the language of the text to be clicked.
  8. In the Segmentation parameter, select the type of text to search for.
  9. In the Text parameter, enter the text of the user interface control.
  10. In the Selector parameter, select the type of control selector.
  11. Depending the type of control selected, set the proper value.