Start and end the connection engine with the bot

To start and end the interaction between bot and user, use the Connect to Chatbot and Disconnect Chatbot commands. These commands define the digital assistant's interaction scope. Any command added within its scope can be displayed during the bot's interaction with the user.


Starting the connection

The parameter specifications in the Connect to Chatbot command are essential to define the pattern characteristics of execution of a chatbot:

  1. Insert the Connect to Chatbot command in the script.
  2. Select the Type of communication as Chat.
  3. Insert the language variable in the Language input parameter.
  4. Insert the default time limit for running the digital assistant in the Timeout input parameter.

The Timeout input parameter corresponds to the time to connect to a chatbot during the runtime. This parameter is only for the bot connection and is not the default timeout for the complete script.

Finishing the connection

The Disconnect Chatbot command is automatically inserted after defining and saving the Connect to Chatbot command. This command is mandatory in your script.

You can leave the Transfer input parameter blank.

For more details on the definition of other parameters, see the documentation of the commands used.

What to do next

After defining the communication and the execution context of the digital assistant, the development of an interaction between a bot and user begins.