Creating assets

Learn how to create assets in IBM RPA Studio.

About this task

Assets are static external resources you can embed in your script for quick access and reuse during the bot's runtime. You import assets using the special Import (import) command. Importing an asset embeds it into the script as a Base64 encoded string.

Note:In the Designer development view, you can only reference the Import command by using the File button on IBM RPA Studio's Home tab. In the Script development view, you can call the Import command directly.

Before you begin

  • The file size limit for importing a file is 1MB.
  • You need to create a script or use an existing script.


  1. Log in to IBM RPA Studio.
  2. Create a new script or open an existing script. Use the Designer view.
  3. On the Home tab, click File.
    • Optional: Click the arrow next to File to import one of the following assets: audio files, image files, web service parameters, grammar files.
  4. Enter the parameters according to the asset you are importing.
  5. Click Save.


The file is imported in the script by using the Import (import) command. You can view import commands in your script by enabling Imports visible on the Home tab.

To see a list with all the assets imported in the script, click Assets on the View tab or enter the following shortcut: Ctrl+W,A

What to do next

Whenever you need to use your asset, you need to export it first. See Exporting assets for details.