Mapping web elements manually

Use the recorder to manually map web elements from websites by hovering the mouse cursor over a web element and holding the Ctrl key. You can use the recorder to generate commands that references the mapped element. The reference is the selector to the element.

Before you begin

This procedure assumes that you installed the driver that is needed to record web applications and started the web driver.


  1. In the recorder's menu bar, click Recording to enable it. The button turns from gray to blue.
  2. Place your cursor over a web element and press the Ctrl key. The element is highlighted in yellow.


The web element highlighted in yellow means that it is mapped. You can click the web element view and properties in the recorder's bar to view details like its attributes and selectors.

What to do next

Once you map an element, you can use the recorder to add a command. For example, to add the command Get Element Value, click Actions in the recorder's bar, and click Get Element Value.

The command editor opens with values in some input parameters. The recorder uses the selector that it evaluates as the best selector for that element. You can edit the command and save it.

You can also get a selector for the mapped element's in the element view and properties, and add a command through the Add commands field.