Disconnecting with IBM RPA Always On

To keep IBM RPA active on a Windows™ console session after disconnecting from an RPD session, you must use IBM RPA Always On.

Disconnecting with IBM RPA Always On makes sure that the bot can still use resources to send input commands to the computer like mouse clicks and keyboard key values.

Before you begin

  • One or more of the following conditions apply:
    • You are connected to a machine using RDP.
    • You are connected to a computer using VNC.


  1. Right click the IBM RPA icon on the icon tray.
  2. Click Disconnect IBM RPA Always On to shut down the RDP session.


The RDP session is safely disconnected, and the machine keeps running under a Windows™ console session.

What to do next

You can run bots in the machine. See Deploying scripts to learn the options you can choose to run bots.