Connect to Google Drive

Verb: googleDriveConnect

Available from: <Enterprise>

Connects to the Google Drive service to perform operations with the files stored there, returning a variable with the connection data that has been established.


googleDriveConnect --name(String) (FileSystem)=value


Script Designer Required AcceptedTypes Description
--name Name Required Text Name of account that has been registered with Web Client.


Script Designer AcceptedTypes Description
value Connection File System Data from the Google Drive connection that was established.


The command connects to Google Drive.

defVar --name connection --type FileSystem
// Start connection with Google Drive service.
googleDriveConnect --name GoogleDrive connection=value


You must first configure file system access through Web Client, through the "File System" option menu, so that you can work on this file system as if it were your local directory environment.

File manipulation within Google Drive is done the same way as file manipulation on the local system, and it is possible after obtaining the established connection to manipulate the files, writing, deleting, among other actions.

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