Planning the installation

Before beginning the installation for IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody, review the software requirements and the release notes for the hardware and any additional prerequisites specific to the release.

Review the following information:

  • To be able to install the product successfully, you must have either administrator privileges for the machine on which you are installing the product or know the credentials for an administrative account. An administrative account can write to the Program Files directory and the Windows registry. In the latter case, you can enter the credentials for the administrative account during the installation process for the product.
  • Review the release notes for Rhapsody.
  • Identify any software that Rhapsody integrates with such as compilers, requirements management, and other add-on software.
    • Install compilers and add-on software packages before you install Rhapsody so that its installation can detect and integrate with the other products. See the related topic on software requirements for Rhapsody.
    • Some add-on products require separately purchased licenses. For a list of the possible add-on products and whether they require any additional licenses, see the list in step 11 in the topic on installing Rhapsody on a Windows system.
  • Identify the edition of Rhapsody you want to install. For a description of each edition of the product, see the topic about Rhapsody editions. For specific installation instructions, see the topic about installing Rhapsody.