Roundtripping code

Roundtripping is an on-the-fly method used to update the model quickly with small changes entered to previously generated UML code. You can activate a roundtrip in batch mode by updating the code in the file system and then explicitly synchronizing the model. You can also activate a roundtrip in an online, on-the-fly, mode by changing a model within one of the IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® designated views. However, do not use roundtripping for major changes in the model that would require the model to be rebuilt.

With IBM Rational Rhapsody Developer for C and IBM Rational Rhapsody Developer for C++ you can roundtrip code into the Rational Rhapsody model in a manner that "respects" the structure of the code and preserves this structure when code is roundtripped in the Rational Rhapsody model. This means the order of elements in the original code can be preserved during code generation and you can freely change the order of class members and globals and Rational Rhapsody respects the change.

When you have changed the order of elements in C and C++, roundtripping in "respect" mode preserves the order of the following elements for the next code generation:

Note: Rational Rhapsody has properties that restrict or control how roundtripping changes the model.