The OFLIND keyword specifies an overflow indicator to condition which lines in the PRINTER file will be printed when overflow occurs. This entry is valid only for a PRINTER device. Default overflow processing (that is, automatic page eject at overflow) is done if the OFLIND keyword is not specified.

Valid Parameters:
Specified overflow indicator conditions the lines to be printed when overflow occurs on a program described printer file.
Set on when a line is printed on the overflow line, or the overflow line is reached or passed during a space or skip operation.
The name of a variable that is defined with type indicator and is not an array. This indicator is set on when the overflow line is reached and the program must handle the overflow condition.

The behavior is the same as for indicators *IN01 to *IN99.

Note: Indicators *INOA through *INOG, and *INOV are not valid for externally described files.

Only one overflow indicator can be assigned to a file. If more than one PRINTER file in a module is assigned an overflow indicator, that indicator must be unique for each file. A global indicator cannot be used on more than one file even if one of the files is defined in a different procedure.