BNDDIR('binding-directory-name' {:'binding-directory-name'…})

The BNDDIR keyword specifies the list of binding directories that are used in symbol resolution.

A binding directory name can be qualified by a library name followed by a slash delimiter ('library-name/binding-directory-name'). The library name is the name of the library to be searched. If the library name is not specified, *LIBL is used to find the binding directory name. When creating a program using CRTBNDRPG, the library list is searched at the time of the compile. When creating a module using CRTRPGMOD, the library list is searched when the module is used to create a program or service program.

If BNDDIR is specified on both the control specification and on the command, all binding directories are used for symbol resolution. The BNDDIR on the control specification does not override the BNDDIR on the command.

If the BNDDIR keyword is not specified, then the value specified on the command is used.

You cannot use the BNDDIR, ACTGRP, or STGMDL command parameters or keywords when creating a program with DFTACTGRP(*YES).

Start of changeSee DFTACTGRP(*YES | *NO) for information on how the BNDDIR keyword affects the setting of the DFTACTGRP keyword.End of change