Install help content locally to your computer

The default remote help configuration accesses content from the internet dynamically. With remote help, you always have the latest content available from within the product. If you want the help to be available when you are disconnected from the internet, you can install the content locally.


  1. From the Fix Central site, download the file Make note of the directory that you download the file to.
    Note: You may be prompted to enter your IBM ID and password. You can create an ID if you do not already have one.
  2. Open the product Preferences. On Windows and Linux systems, click Windows > Preferences. On Mac systems, click RDi > Preferences.
  3. Expand the Help preferences section and click Remote Assistance Configuration. Select the entry for IBM Rational Developer for i. Click Disable and then click OK.
  4. Click Help > Install New Software.
  5. On the Available Software page, click Add.
  6. In the Add Repository dialog, in the Name field enter a name for the repository. For example, enter RDI_960_HELP. Click Archive and navigate to the location that you downloaded to. Select the file and click Open. After the Name and Location values in the Add Repository dialog are set, click OK.
  7. On the Available Software page, select the documentation that you want to install. Click Next and follow the rest of the steps presented by the wizard. After you click Finish, the documentation is installed locally and you will be prompted to restart the product.
  8. To access the documentation, click Help > Help Contents.