Upgrade and coexistence considerations

If you have a previous version of the product, or if you plan to install multiple Rational® Software Delivery Platform products on the same workstation, review the information in this section.

Offering coexistence considerations

Some products are designed to coexist and share function when they are installed in the same package group. A package group is a location where you can install one or more software products or packages. When you install each package, you select whether you want to install the package into an existing package group, or whether you want to create a new one. IBM® Installation Manager will block products that are not designed to share or do not meet version tolerance and other requirements. If you want to install more than one product at a time, the products must be able to share a package group.

At the time of release, the following products will share function when installed into a package group:
  • IBM Rational Application Developer, V9.6.1
  • IBM Rational Team Concert client extension, V6.0.3 with ifix005 or higher

Any number of eligible products can be installed into a package group. When a product is installed, its function is shared with all of the other products in the package group. If you install a development product and a testing product into one package group, when you start either of the products, you have both the development and testing functionality available to you in your user interface. If you add a product with modeling tools, all of the products in the package group will have the development, testing, and modeling functionality available.

If you install a development product and later purchase a development product with increased functionality and add that product to the same package group, the additional function will be available in both products. If you uninstall the product with the greater functionality, the original product remains.

Note: Each product installed into a unique location may be associated with only one package group. A product must be installed into multiple locations in order to be associated with multiple package groups.

Coexistence between package groups

Multiple instances of a product package can exist on the same computer and they are automatically installed into separate package groups. The product packages can be at different versions or fix levels.

If you update a product package, you update only that instance of the product.

Coexistence with earlier versions of product

This version of the product can coexist with earlier versions of the product that are installed on the same computer.

Cannot upgrade an existing installation to the current version

You cannot upgrade an earlier version of the product to the current version.