ILE RPG Language Reference

%TRIMR (Trim Trailing Characters)

%TRIMR(string {: characters to trim})

%TRIMR with only one parameter returns the given string with any trailing blanks removed.

%TRIMR with two parameters returns the given string with any trailing characters that are in the characters to trim parameter removed.

The string can be character, graphic, or UCS-2 data.

If the characters to trim parameter is specified, it must be the same type as the string parameter.

When specified as a parameter for a definition specification keyword, the string parameter must be a constant.

Specifying %TRIMR with two parameters is not supported for parameters of Definition keywords.

For more information, see String Operations or Built-in Functions.

Figure 266. %TRIMR Example
D Location        S             16A   varying
D FirstName       S             10A   inz ('Chris')
D LastName        S             10A   inz ('Smith')
D Name            S             20A   varying

 * LOCATION will have the value '  Toronto, Ontario'.
     Location = %trim ('  Toronto, Ontario  ');
     // Name will have the value 'Chris Smith:'.
     Name = %trimr (FirstName) + ' ' + %trimr (LastName) + ':';
Figure 267. Trimming characters other than blanks
     string = '(' + %trimr('$******5.27***      ' : '$*') + ')';          // string is now '($******5.27***      )'     
     // Nothing has been trimmed from the right-hand side because     
     // the right-most character is a blank, and a blank does not     
     // appear in the 'characters to trim' parameter            

     string = '(' + %trimr('$******5.27***      ' : '$ *') + ')';     
     // string is now '($******5.27)'

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