What's new in Rational® Business Developer V9.7

To meet your business needs, Rational Business Developer introduces important features and enhancements.

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New enhancements and changes in Version 9.7

New OS Version Support

  • z/OS 2.5 Support :

    Now user can install Rational Business Developer on z/OS 2.4. For more details on changes in IBM z/OS V2R5.0, refer to IBM z/OS V2.5.0 documentation.

  • IBM i 7.4 Support :

    Rational Business Developer V9.7 supports IBM i 7.4. For more details on IBM i 7.4, refer to IBM i 7.4 documentation.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.5 Support :

    Rational Business Developer V9.7 supports RHEL 8.5. For more details on RHEL 8.5, refer to RHEL 8.5 Documentation.

New Supported Software

The following Software versions are now supported by Rational Business Developer, starting from V9.7 :

Language Enhancements

Rich UI Enhancements

IDE Enhancements

Cloud Enhancements

  • REST API Support For EGL Services :

    EGL services can be invoked using REST API calls. GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE are the supported calls. For more information, refer to EGL Support For REST.

  • MQ Support Enhancements :

    • Support for MQ Topics (Publish/Subscribe) is for COBOL and Java environments.
    • Support for more MQ providers on Java – RabbitMQ and Apache ActiveMQ.
    • JMS support has been added for IBM MQ and Apache.

    For more information, refer to Using direct WebSphere MQ API calls.

  • CICS as REST services provider on z/OS :

    Introduced CICS System as REST service provider for EGL Generated COBOL programs on z/OS.

    New Service SetCICSRestResponse < EGL function > introduced for customizing the REST Response from EGL application. Refer to the whitepaper for more information on usability.

  • Spring REST support for EGL :

    EGL REST Services can be deployed as standalone Spring applications without the need for an explicitly defined application server. More details are published in whitepaper.

  • Cloud native EGL applications :

    Rational Business Developer now has the capability to create Cloud-native EGL applications. Users can create EGL applications which can be containerized using the docker file that gets generated automatically during project generation.

User Productivity Enhancements

  • Eclipse Git integration with Rational Business Developer :

    eGit has been integrated with Rational Business Developer in this release to enhance user productivity. This makes it possible for our users to seamlessly integrate with their git infrastructure from within Rational Business Developer.

  • Swagger support for REST API :

    Rational Business Developer can generate Swagger (OpenAPI ) documents for REST services. For more information, refer to EGL Support For REST.

Fixes for APARs

Some Internal defects and APAR Fixes have also been added as part of Rational Business Developer V9.7.

You can view the fix lists for this and previous versions of Rational Business Developer at https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/fix-list-rational-business-developer

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