Post-installation tasks

After you install the IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® client, you might want to integrate the product with Eclipse or install other software, such as Rational Rhapsody Design Manager. Or, if your compiler was already installed before you installed Rational Rhapsody, make sure that the path to your compiler is set correctly in Rational Rhapsody.

To link Rational Rhapsody to Eclipse, see the related topic on installing plug-ins for integration with Eclipse. Note that there are two implementations of the Eclipse plug-in, which are explained in the topic on using the Software Updates and Add-ons window to install the integration plug-ins.

To access the Rational Rhapsody Design Manager server through the Rational Rhapsody client or through the Rational Rhapsody in Eclipse client, see the related topic about installing the Rational Rhapsody Design Manager Client Extension in the Design Management documentation. Rational Rhapsody Design Manager is a Design Management solution that extends Rational Rhapsody so that teams can review, search, and browse architecture designs. After you install the Rational Rhapsody Design Manager Client Extension, you can configure Rational Rhapsody to synchronize comments that are made between models in Rational Rhapsody with models that have been imported onto the Design Management model server. For more information about the Rational Rhapsody Design Manager Client Extension, see the topic about using Rational Rhapsody Design Manager Client Extension.

To set the path to your compiler, see the examples that are provided in the topic about troubleshooting the installation.