Integrating the Data Collection Component into Rational Insight

It is possible to integrate the Data Collection Component into a data manager job to collect operational data for the CLM products instead of collecting the data using Data Manager. This approach might be useful in situations where data from other legacy products, such as Rational RequisitePro or Rational ClearQuest, is also being collected from Rational® Insight.

About this task

The Data Collection Component provides a Data Manager package and the batch file or shell script that is invoked by Data Manager at run time to kick off Data Collection Component. These are collectively called the Data Collection Component Data Manager Wrapper. The files are located in the [DCCInstallDir]/JazzTeamServer/server/conf/dcs/wrapper directory.

If the BI server will be used for data movement tasks, the Data Collection Component needs to be on the same server where the BI server is.


  1. Start Cognos Data Manager and load the Rational Insight ETL catalog.
  2. Click File > Import Package. You are prompted to back up the current catalog first.
  3. Click Yes, specify a directory and a name for the backup catalog file, and click Save. You will be prompted for the package to import.
  4. Select the [DCCInstallDir]/JazzTeamServer/server/conf/dcs/wrapper/dcc.pkg package. After it is imported it will be in the Builds and JobStreams > Jobs > DCCJobs folder.
  5. Right-click the DCCWrapper job and select Properties.
  6. On the Variables tab, enter all the required information for the Data Collection Component
    • DCCURL: the root URL to the Data Collection Component server, for example, https://localhost:9444/dcc
    • DCCUSER: the user name used to connect to the Data Collection Component server at run time.
    • DCCPASSWORD: the password used to connect to the Data Collection Component server at run time.
    • DCCWRAPPERDIR: set the directory information to be <DCC Installation Directory>/JazzTeamServer/server/conf/dcs/wrapper. For Windows Every backslash must be escaped by another backslash. For example: C:\\Programs\\IBM\\DCC\\JazzTeamServer\\server\\conf\\dcc\\wrapper\\